Mother feeding children sauerkraut

Mother Knows Best

In 2013, when we started The Kraut Guy, one of our main goals was to let everyone know that sauerkraut wasn’t just for brats anymore. We believed that strongly then and we still do, so much so that the slogan on our T-shirt reinforces it for everyone to see.

Now, many years later, we’re still talking about our kraut to family and friends and telling them that all of our products are good on hamburgers, sandwiches and wraps, mashed potatoes, and casseroles. Someone asked us if they could eat it straight from the jar. What else could we say but, “Absolutely! Any way you like it.”

During one of our recent family gatherings, several young mothers wanted to hear about our sauerkraut business. One mother told us that she includes kraut in all of her afternoon and evening meals. She said that her refrigerator is never without at least one jar of fermented cabbage.

Another mom said that her five-year-old son’s breakfast wouldn’t be complete without an egg over easy topped off with our Latin American sauerkraut. He thinks it’s the best meal. She added that his two younger brothers enjoy kraut too, but as a bedtime snack.

No matter how you use it, just keep in mind, “It’s not just for brats anymore.”

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