I Never Met a Fermented Product I Didn’t Like

Kombucha in a jar with lid

The great American humorist, Will Rogers, said that he never met a man he didn’t like. He had the belief that if he found some appealing quality in a person that he met, eventually he would come to appreciate the whole person.

I feel the same way about fermented foods and drinks. I wasn’t always an advocate for fermenting cabbage. It wasn’t until I learned about the health benefits of sauerkraut that I started to look at cabbage for something other than coleslaw.

Since then I have researched and made kefir (a drinkable yogurt), rejuvelac (an awesome drink made with wheat berries), and fermented pickles and carrots. All of them were a far cry from anything you could buy in a store. These ancient and time-tested products had something to like about them; I just had to find it.

Now, I am investigating what to like about kombucha. Recently, I met Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory through their book, The Big Book of Kombucha. It’s a fascinating read on fermented sweet tea, that I am happy they wrote. Hannah & Alex have convinced me there’s a lot to like about kombucha.

I’m going to make some; I’ll keep you posted.

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