Customer Satisfaction at the Farmers Market

Richfield Minnesota Farmers Market Logo

Recently we sold our products for the first time at the farmers market at Veterans Memorial Park in Richfield, Minnesota. Like all of the farmers markets we’ve attended, Richfield’s market managers were friendly, attentive, and constantly looking for ways to help the vendors have a successful day.

One way the Richfield managers do this is through information sharing, not only amongst the vendors, but with the Richfield residents as well. Their Facebook page and a broadcast email had the following announcement prior to Saturday’s festivities:

“Good afternoon vendors, musicians and community groups! Last week’s market brought in about 1400 visitors! Keep up the great work, and spread the word using our Facebook events.

This week we welcome a new vendor to the market, Joel Linker, “The Kraut Guy”!  Joel brings a variety of homemade sauerkrauts to the market on Saturday. Welcome Joel!”

If you did not notice, my name was used three times, in three sentences, and recognition was established that I was the sauerkraut vendor at the market. An unbelievable marketing effort for a new vendor!

Because of this type of attention to detail, it was a great day and we were honored to be a part of the Richfield Farmers Market. They’ve been a class act since 1990.

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